WorldTAP: Accessing Knowledge, Information and Technologies Through Training, Capacity Building and Networking

Michigan State University (MSU) is recognized as a center of excellence in international training, capacity-building and technology transfer around the world. The MSU Institute of International Agriculture (IIA) serves as the focal point in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources to facilitate exchanges of knowledge, information and technologies throughout the global community. During the past 10 years, the IIA has designed and implemented international training programs in intellectual property rights, biosafety, food safety, integrated pest management, agricultural biotechnology, and technology transfer. With more than 500 international scientists, policy makers and senior administrators (from both public and private sectors) having received training through these programs to date. WorldTAP has made a significant contribution to strengthening human resources throughout the developing world.

Nations around the globe are trying to access technologies to improve the productivity of their agricultural sectors in an environmentally sustainable manner. To meet this demand, WorldTAP offers international training programs that 1) identify new and emerging technologies from both the public and private sectors and 2) facilitate the transfer of these valued agricultural technologies to scientists, policy makers, and governmental agencies throughout the developing world.

WorldTAP draws upon expertise from MSU and around the world to offer the following initiatives:

  • Short-term and Long-term Training
  • Advisory Service and Consultation
  • Information Resources
  • Technology Transfer