1. I’m interested in your course, but I don’t have a sponsor. How can I find one? Can you sponsor me?

WorldTAP deals almost exclusively with capacity building and training programs with and for developing countries, and we are well aware of the need for funding. Most of our participants secure funding through programs designed to cover such educational trainings. We do not have funding to support your participation as we are a non-profit educational institution and our courses are priced to only cover costs, so we must rely on donor organizations that supply fellowships and other scholarships for our participants. The best we can do is point you in the right direction and facilitate the application process.

Sponsorships may be available at various international development agencies, governmental agencies, NGOs, and other international organizations. Many of these organizations may have offices in your country. As you are applying for financial support to various agencies, you may mention the course program at Michigan State University. We encourage you to apply for funding early, as many organizations make their selections up to 12 months ahead of the program. Usually, the sponsoring organization expresses interest to us in funding a participant and only then do we issue invitation letters, which is our institution’s policy.

Please note that we are not at all affiliated with any fellowship programs. We provide suggestions as a courtesy for those who need help getting started who are seeking funding. So, we are not familiar with the application processes nor can we help in applying. However, the people who administer these programs are familiar with our training programs and provide fellowships to our programs every year.

Once you have applied for sponsorship from the agencies and organizations described above, please keep us informed as to the progress of your application, and have them contact us as well. When we receive notification of funding, we will be happy to issue you an invitation letter.

2. Can you send me an invitation letter so I can get my visa?

We issue invitation letters after the receipt of course fees. If you have found an interested donor, we can provide a letter to help secure that funding and also to help attain your visa. Unfortunately, our policies do not allow us to issue letters of invitation until we receive a letter of support or a request from your sponsor.

3. What is the registration process? How do I apply?

Applying to our courses is easy. Please fill out the online registration form located here (http://web2.msue.msu.edu/worldtap) and arrange for the payment of the $250 registration fee (non-refundable). Alternatively, please download the registration form (MS Word .doc format) from the page of the course you are interested in, fill it out, and either fax it or email it to the contact person listed on the form, along with your $250 registration fee (non-refundable). This will hold your place in the course.

On your registration form, there is a section for you to fill out with your sponsor’s name and contact information. Once we receive your registration fee, we will send an invoice for the course fees to your sponsor indicated on your registration form. Once your sponsor communicates with us on their willingness to sponsor you as a participant, we will issue you a letter of invitation that you can use to apply for the U.S. visa.

We ask that you keep us informed as to the status of your visa and flight itinerary. Once we receive payment in full for the course fees, you will be considered enrolled for the course and we will communicate with you with further details on course logistics.

4. I want to study at MSU. Can you help me apply for a graduate (M.S. or Ph.D.) program?

Michigan State University prides itself in being a national leader in international studies, study abroad, and international students. We highly encourage you to apply for your graduate studies here at MSU. The Graduate School at Michigan State University has all the information you need about applying and admission requirements at this website: http://grad.msu.edu/apply/ If you have further questions, please contact the Graduate School.